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Home > FAQ > Security > Suspicious Access Prevention (SAP) > What is Suspicious Access Prevention (SAP)

What is Suspicious Access Prevention (SAP)?

As part of the ongoing effort to improve the security of your virtual office (VO) account and to reduce the impact of compromised incidents, Lookafter announces the release of Suspicious Access Prevention (SAP), a geo-location control feature that rejects potential suspicious access.

Watch this video to learn more about SAP:

How it works?

The SAP system remembers your login by locations, or more precisely, by countries. Any login attempts from country that is different from the usual login country will be blocked.

When a suspicious login attempt is detected and prevented, a notification email will be sent to you and your administrators (voadmin).

Upon receiving the alert, you are encouraged to:

  • Change your account password as someone likely knows your password and used it to sign in to your account.
  • Run a virus scan on your computer and clean up any spyware or threats.

How do I set my SAP setting?

By default, when you log in to your webmail account for the first time, the country (in which you are situated at that moment) will be registered as your usual login country. You can continue to log in from this country without any further setup as long as it is not reset (by you or your administrator). If it is reset, the usual login country will be captured again on your next “new” login.

If you need to travel to other countries, or if you are sharing your account with colleagues from another country, then you need to manually whitelist those countries in your SAP setting at Profile > SAP. For further details, please refer to How to login from other countries with SAP?

How can you make sure you will not be blocked when travelling out of the country?

You can always configure your SAP settings on your VO account’s Profile > SAP.

If you are a mobile user who travels to multiple countries, you can simply whitelist accesses for your travelling countries, so that you can continue to login from those countries.

Click here for detailed instructions.

Note: You are advised to perform the whitelist action before travelling to the destination.

As admin, what can you do?

The administrators — Avomaster and Voadmin users — have the ability to reset or turn on/off SAP for users. For example, a user has travelled out of the country and need to access webmail but was blocked as the user did not whitelist the country in the SAP setting. In this case, the administrator can reset the user's SAP status so that the user can log in from another country.

This setting can be accessed on Profile > Admin Tasks > Account, through each user’s account settings. Click here for detailed instructions.

Configuration of individual user SAP setting by administrator is not supported at the moment.

Video Tutorial:

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