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What is Mailbox Rules?

Mailbox Rules helps you to organize the email and folder. Mailbox Rules will be triggered by predefined keywords and automatically transfer the email to the specific folder.

The Essentials:

  • Click on [Email] and click on [Rules] under configuration section.
  • Fill in the desire keyword in the field provided.
  • Checked on [Move to] option.
  • Select the destination of the email to be move to folder-name from the drop down list.


  • Marked as Read – Once the email has been transferred to the new selected folder, the email will be marked as “Read”.
  • Not Junk – Email with the keyword specified would not be classified as “Junk Mail”.

Applying Rules:

  • Check the [Execute Junk filter first] option, if you want to filter the email before applying the rules.
  • Check the [Schedule] option and click [Configure], if you want to run the rules on scheduled time only. Choose your scheduled day and/or time and click [Update] to save your configuration.
  • Click [Save Setting] to apply the rules.

Step-by-step guide: Organizing Emails with Mailbox Rules

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