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Conditional Email Forwarding and Redirect

Lookafter webmail allows you to forward emails from an individual email account or a mail group to another email address, be it an internal or an external email address, except free mail address like gmail, yahoo (why?):

However, in order to maintain good reputation for your email server and domain, we have recently performed an update on the email redirect/forwarding system. An email will only be forwarded to an external domain when:

1. The email header does not carry:

  • X-Mirror
  • X-List
  • List-Unsubscribe
  • X-Auto-Response-Suppress

2. The “Precedence” header is not “null”, “bulk” and “list”

3. The “Auto-Submitted” is not “auto-generated”

4. The “Content-type” is not “delivery-status”

5. The Junk Ranking is 0

6. SPF check must pass

In addition, if the destination email address (which is placed in the email redirect or forward settings) is from a different domain than the user account, the user account's email address will be used as the “From” address, instead of the original sender address (who sends the mail to the user).

For example, is set to redirect mails to When sends an email to, Peter will receive a copy of that email with the identity of 'Amy' < > but with < > appearing as the sender address.

These conditions and updates are necessary so that the destination email (from an external domain) will not treat the forwarded email as spoof mails, which would be blacklisted/rejected. If such incident happens, your mail server/domain reputation can be affected, which would result in other recipients rejecting and blocking your emails.

These updates will also increase the delivery rate of the forwarded mail.

Please note that there is no guarantee that all emails will reach the destination email as: - We have no control over the change of policy on destination servers. - We cannot audit or access the destination logs. The users are required to consult the destination email service provider if emails could not be received at the destination email address.

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