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Why is my Outlook sending duplicated copies of email to recipients?

Question: My recipients have been receiving multiple same copies of email that I sent using Ms Outlook. What should I do?

There are several possible reasons that could cause your Outlook to send duplicated copies of the same email. Below are some steps to take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

1. Restart PC and Internet modem/router

Many times that duplicated email issue is caused by unstable/poor Internet connection or stuck sessions. Restart both your device and Internet modem/router to clear cache or any stuck sessions that may be causing the issue.

If restarting the Internet modem/router doesn't help, try switching to an alternate Internet connection such as your mobile broadband to see if there is problem with your usual ISP.

2. Clear all emails that are stuck at Outbox

Make sure to remove all emails that are stuck at the Outbox as it would cause the Outlook to keep attempting to send the same batch of emails.

3. Disable anti-virus scanner that is interrupting email delivery

If you have an antivirus program running on your device, try disabling it as it may be interfering with the connection between Ms Outlook and the email server.

If your Outlook is integrated with a virus scanner add-in, you may also want to try disabling it to see if it is the cause of issue.

4. Check your Outlook's send/receive interval

The send/receive interval determines how long your Outlook will send or download emails. Whenever you send an email, it may take a while for the email to be uploaded to the server. If you set the send/receive interval to a very short period, before the upload completes, the next send/receive interval has already started. This could cause the Outbox to re-upload the email, causing duplicates.

It is recommended to use the default interval (i.e. 30 minutes) or not less than 10 minutes. You may refer to Outlook's guide on how to check and edit this setting.

5. Check your email settings at Outlook

Make sure that the email setting in your Ms Outlook is correct. You may refer to the following guides:

If you need further assistance, please drop us an email at or create a Support Ticket.

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